Student and Community Testimonials

HRA students shine at annual student showcase.
Dan Ragone and Grant Barnes, both from Ithaca, are enrolled in the HRA Program at Mid and created unique sculptures for the annual student showcase.

Students Shine at Annual Student Showcase

Dan: Our concept was to “catch the eye then blow the mind” all while demonstrating practical skills learned in the HRA lab. After multiple attempts we finally got the construction process right and the positive response from everyone validated months of hard work and failure. The showcase was a wonderful opportunity to share ones story and if I had the opportunity to speak to the young minds who attend in the future I would say this: Never let the fear of failure dictate your future, trust in yourself and as long as you lead with your heart, no decision that you make will be the wrong one.

Grant: As I approached my high school graduation I was up in the air, but I knew I wanted to choose a career in an industry that was growing. I landed on attending Mid and enrolled in the HRA Program. I have had nothing but a positive experience at Mid--everyone has been nice and helped me prepare for my future. The most beneficial thing I have experienced is the HRA Program Internship which allows you to work in the industry and gain valuable experience. My instructor has also made a significant impact on myself and my classmates. From the skills he has taught us to his high ethical standards and integrity, I can't thank him enough for preparing us to succeed.

HRA Student Receives Award

HRA Student Awarded Head of the Class

Jesse Warner of Clare, recently received the Head of the Class award from Malco Products, a major tool manufacturer based in Annandale, Minnesota.

Jesse made his education a priority and completed his Associate Degree in Heating, Refrigeration, and Air Conditioning in just 10 months.

“Jesse never missed a day during the program and often arrived early and stayed late to complete projects,” noted Ron Holmes, HRA Lead Instructor. “He is the definition of success, and he exceeded all of our expectations of the program.”

This year marked the 13th for Malco Products’ student recognition program, Head of the Class. Since 2005, the program has recognized over 40,000 students attending over 500 technical schools across the U.S.A. and Canada.

“I’m humbled to receive this award,” shared Warner. “All of us in the program worked as a team, helped each other succeed, and committed to becoming graduates. I’m proud of the work we did during the program.”

Mid's HRA lab features real heating and refrigeration units for hands-on learning that prepares students to enter the workforce successfully and quickly. This proved true in Jesse’s case—J.E. Johnson, a large mechanical solutions firm based out of Midland, Michigan, hired him before his official graduation date.

“I’m excited for the next step,” said Warner. “The skills I’ve learned, the recognition I’ve received, and the opportunities I’ve discovered by attending Mid have changed my outlook on the future.”

"Thank you so much for installing the new furnace in my home. It's a lot warmer around here now thanks to you guys!"

-Cathy, customer

"The congregation and building committee are very pleased with the installation of the heating system and the professionalism displayed in the work of the student's under the guidance of Mr. Todd, the instructor, and Mr. Joe Stube, owner of Professional Climate Control and graduate of Mid's HVAC Program."

-Roger Millhisler, Congregation Chairman

"Just wanted to thank you for a great experience! I wouldn't have taken this program anywhere else."

Paul, student

"Thank you for the scholarship I received. Your support has helped me pay for college and has let me concentrate more on my studies and less on money.

Because of your generosity, I have the assistance I need to pursue a college education. I really like studying heating and cooling and hope to have a career in the HVAC field."

- Tyler Griswold, student

"Congratulations to you and your students for the excellent work on the EPA Technician Certification Exam.

In this notification letter from the Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, you and your students were commended for achieving a 97.5 percent student pass rate. This success rate clearly outdistances the national average of 81 percent.

The HRA Program continues to maintain the highest level of excellence as measured by the national standards. We are very proud of your program, and of your students' achievements. "

-Jerry Fribley, Dean

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