MiWorks Apprenticeship Readiness Opportunity

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a FREE Trade Apprenticeship Readiness Certificate! This opportunity can be completed in just one semester with no tuition costs - tuition is paid in full by MiWorks. Participants learn introductory-level skills in shop terminology, industrial communication, technical math, and basic manufacturing safety. Those who successfully complete are automatically accepted into Mid's Advanced Integrated Manufacturing Program and can ladder the credits earned into an AIM certificate, training credential, or associate degree in the specialty of their choice. Just 14 spots are available each semester - Sign Up Today!

Trade Apprenticeship Readiness Certificate

The Trade Apprenticeship Readiness Certificate provides 10 college credits, 161.6 contact hours, toward a company's apprenticeship program. The courses are based on required skills sought out be employers when hiring and selecting apprentices in modern manufacturing facilities.

  • Industrial Safety AIM.100 | Orients students to safety in the workplace.
  • Intro to Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power AIM.294 | Introduces students to pneumatic power applications and hydraulic components used in industry.
  • Industrial Writing & Communication AIM.295 | Learn how to compose professional and technical communications required in organizations and the work place.
  • Technical Math MAT.170 | Provides a comprehensive overview of applied mathematics in various technical fields.
Common Questions

Q Can you already be employed at a company?

A Yes, current employees are eligible to participate if the company has a Registered Apprenticeship Program with the Department of Labor or is working toward one.

Q Can Mid Michigan College offer a different grouping of courses?

A Not through this grant. These courses were specifically designed to build basic skills today's employers require.

Q Will these courses count towards the Apprentice's Related Technical Instruction (RTI)?

A Yes, however, the courses only count towards a companies RTI if the company included the course(s) in their schedule.

Learn for FREE - We've got your tuition covered!

The tuition for these four college courses is paid for by Michigan Works! Contact your local Michigan Works! office to learn more about this opportunity.

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