Info for Potential Nursing Students

Potential (Pre-Nursing) Students:

Mid has a selective admission process to the nursing program. This involves several application processes and steps. Students are only eligible to apply for the nursing program AFTER prerequisite courses are completed. Additionally, the HESI Entrance Exam must be completed by the application due date.


  • Completion of all prerequisites courses listed on the Curriculum Guide with a minimum grade of “C” with the exception of BIO 141/142 or BIO 138 which requires a minimum grade of “B-“. BIO 141 and BIO 142 must be taken at the same school.
  • Anatomy and Physiology courses cannot be older than five years from the date the student is accepted into the program.
  • Prerequisites may only be taken twice and withdrawals count as an attempt of taking the class.
  • Please follow rules of the Exemption Policy (PDF) if prerequisites have been taken more than twice.


Mid admits students to the Nursing Program under a Selective Admission Process. The criteria for admission will be based on:

  • GPA in prerequisite courses (35% of total)
  • HESI Entrance Exam (35% of total)
  • Number of credits taken at Mid (10% of total)
  • Previous earned degrees (10% of total)
  • Previous health care experience (10% of total)
  • Highly recommended courses (Minimum grade of "C")

Mid admits nursing students twice a year: Fall semester cohort at the Harrison campus and Winter semester cohort at the Mt. Pleasant campus.

When students have their prerequisite courses completed, they are then eligible to apply to the cohort of their choice. Because course rotation may vary from locations, the student will be required to complete their courses at the location accepted at the beginning of the program. Students are NOT permitted to switch campus locations during the middle of their program.

Note: It is the students' responsibility to make sure all Mid credits, transfer credits, test outs, are all in order by the application deadline. This can be done by making an appointment with an advisor.

Female student nurse standing in front of a lab setting

Health Requirements for Nursing Clinicals:

Students in the Mid Nursing Program are expected to maintain a satisfactory level of mental and physical stability to enable and insure a safe and competent level of functioning.

Students are required to complete a health assessment along with having their immunization record current.

Final acceptance into the nursing program is pending until the student completes a criminal background check and drug screening. Please be aware that if a student has a felony or certain misdemeanors, they WILL NOT be admitted to the nursing program

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