Student Testimonials

Heidi Minthorn

I would highly recommend the AAP program here at Mid.

In the spring of 2016, I earned my certificate as a Medical Office Specialist from Mid. The Administrative Assistant Professional Program here at Mid is exceptional. Being the mom of three boys and working while going to school full-time, I found that the courses fit well with my busy schedule.

The AAP class sizes at Mid are small and cover practical material using a hands-on approach that is useful in real-life situations, as well as on-the-job experiences.

The AAP instructors are wonderful. They articulate the materials well and make it easy to understand. They are friendly, courteous, and willing to help students by answering questions and giving individualized attention.

Autumn Horn

My experience at Mid Michigan College has been amazing. I began attending Mid as a dual enrolled student my junior and senior years of high school. This opportunity provided me with a head start on my college career and furthered my education skills.

I originally was headed towards a degree in Criminal Justice but after some time I realized maybe my abilities would fit better elsewhere. The Administrative Assistant Professional Program, with a focus on legal office, is the degree I have now completed. I still get to work in a law field, but just in a different way than what I thought I wanted at first. Mid was exceptional when it came to my changing my program of study.

I was able to take classes at either the Harrison or Mt. Pleasant campuses, along with online courses, to fit into my schedule. I feel like all my courses were relevant to my career choice and provided me with the necessary skills needed to succeed in the AAP field. Mid Michigan College is a great place to further your education or refresh workplace talents.

I would highly recommend Mid to anyone!

Heather Andrist

My experience at Mid Michigan College in pursuit of a business-related degree has been both challenging and exciting. The teachers and staff are very knowledgeable of the requirements for my program and helped me to make a plan for obtaining my degree.

Not only was I able to find courses that worked with my schedule (as I work full-time outside of school), but I was also recently accepted to do an Independent Study for a class that was not offered this upcoming semester and will allow me to meet all of the course requirements for me to graduate next Spring. My experience at Mid has been a very positive one. It’s refreshing to work with faculty that truly invest themselves, not only in your success at school, but your continued success after graduation by bestowing upon their students the knowledge and skills that are needed in the workplace.
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