Online Learning FAQs

frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between an on-campus and remote course?

Whether on-campus or remote, Mid courses are designed to help prepare you for success. The major difference is that remote courses offer more flexibility to create your own schedule. Participating with fellow learners and actively engaging with course content is still a priority. Instead of in-person lectures, you'll connect through weekly online assignments, discussion boards, and scheduled chats.

Are remote courses hard?

Courses delivered remotely are no more or less difficult than on-campus courses. Mid's robust student support services, like the Writing & Reading Center, Math Lab, and tutoring services, offer virtual assistance through Zoom and other technologies. We’re here to help you successfully navigate a remote education at Mid.

Are there benefits to taking remote courses?

Remote courses offer many benefits. From allowing you to personalize your college experience to how you work best, to gaining experience on the latest technologies used in today's workplaces, Mid's remote courses, programs, and pathways offer you an affordable, accessible, exceptional education.

How much are remote courses?

Mid's established tuition rates also apply to remote courses. Learn more about Mid's tuition rates.

Do remote courses meet at certain times?

Mid offers several types of remote courses. Hybrid courses are approximately 50% online and 50% in the classroom at either the Mt. Pleasant or Harrison Campus. Mid's 100% online courses are just that, 100% online with maximum flexibility. Real-time virtual courses are also 100% online, but require Zoom software so you can attend class during scheduled meeting times throughout the semester.

Some remote courses will require you to take proctored exams or complete lab modules either at Mid or somewhere with proctoring services.

Are all programs 100% remote?

Several of Mid's Programs & Pathways can be completed 100% via remote delivery methods, but there are exceptions. Review our Programs & Pathways listed above organized by the percentage of online completion available.

What are the minimum system requirements to take remote courses at Mid?

You need to have access to specific software programs and operating systems on your computer prior to participating in remote courses. Some courses may require additional hardware or software. Read more about system requirements.

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