Expedition Hunting & Angling Scholars

Hunting & Angling Scholars participate in experiential learning activities outside of their academic pathway to enhance their education and make connections with industry leaders in the outdoor field.

Exploring Interests.

As an HA Scholar, you'll explore the ways hunting, fishing, land management, media production, conservationism, safety, and promotion of the great outdoors connect through coursework, projects, and storytelling opportunities.

In collaboration with Rusted Rooster Media, a Nationally known and award-winning outdoor production company, and other partners, scholars will learn what it takes to excel in a variety of outdoor-related careers, strategies from experts in the field, and how to apply their new skills gained from participating in outdoor adventures like salmon fishing, turkey hunting, and more.

Expanding Connections.

HA Scholars develop meaningful connections with their fellow students, instructors, and industry leaders from a wide-range of outdoor-related careers.

Experiencing Adventure.

HA Scholars participate in exciting experiential learning outdoor-related trips and collaborative projects involving their fellow students, instructors, community members, and industry leaders. Scholars will also promote outdoor heritage by sharing their stories, creating digital content, and managing social channels.

Related Academic Pathways.

Expedition Hunting & Angling Scholars can pursue any academic pathway. One related pathway developed for outdoor enthusiasts is the Outdoor Media Transfer Pathway. Additional outdoor-related pathways will be added in the future.

“I’ve been immersed in a career in the outdoor industry for over 20 years and can honestly say I can’t imagine being a part of anything else. The Expedition Hunting & Angling Scholars and Outdoor Media pathway will connect students to real-world opportunities that currently exist,” said Jason Brown, Co-Founder and Executive Producer at Rusted Rooster Media. “There’s a true lack of talented individuals who also possess an outdoor skill-set in many areas of the industry, so building a feeder system for outdoor brands, marketing agencies, as well as media and production houses has never been more important.”

Help Expand HA Scholar Opportunities!

Support HA Scholars and their experiential learning opportunities by clicking the button below or donating via check made payable to “Mid Foundation” and mailed to 1375 S. Clare Avenue, Harrison, MI 48625. Please include Hunting & Angling Scholars in the memo line.

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Scholar Benefits

  • $500 Annual Scholarship for 2 years
  • Minimum of one scheduled Outdoor Adventure per semester
  • Additional Outdoor Adventures as they become available
  • Monthly Events related to the outdoors
  • 'In the Woods and On the Water' experiential learning coursework
  • Workshops and Seminars from experts in hunting, fishing, and outdoor media
  • DNR Rules, Regulations, and Safety Training
  • Michigan United Conservation Club (MUCC) Membership
  • Outdoor Industry Career Exploration
  • Discussions with Industry Professionals
  • Dedicated Faculty Mentor throughout your time at Mid
  • Connections with and support from the Hunting and Angling Scholars Cohort
  • Hunting & Angling Scholars Apparel

Scholar Requirements

  • Be a full-time Mid student (encouraged to actively enroll in a Hunting and Angling Pathway)
  • Enroll in HAS 101 Hunting Strategies and BIO 107 Intro to Wildlife Management in the first semester as a HA scholar
  • Enroll in HAS 102 Fishing Strategies in the first winter semester as a HA scholar
  • Enroll in ENG 226 Creative Nonfiction Writing in the second fall semester as a HA scholar
  • Attend all scheduled Monthly Events
  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA (with a one-semester grace period)
  • Attend 1 of 4 scheduled Outdoor Adventures per semester
  • Work collaboratively to develop content for the Expedition Hunting & Angling Scholars YouTube and Social Media Channels

Monthly Events

Hunting & Angling Scholars must attend all Monthly Events, and will be sent event details directly.

Fall 2020

  • Mid Michigan College New Student Orientation
  • Tuesday, August 25 | DNR Rules, Regulations, and Safety Training
  • Thursday, August 27 | Visual Storytelling Workshop
  • Friday, August 28 | Visual Storytelling Workshop
  • Monday, September 21 | Conservation Day
  • Monday, October 5 | Taxidermy
  • Wednesday, November 18 | HA Scholars Buck Pole
  • Wednesday, December 9 | HA Scholars Banquet

Winter 2021

  • Monday, January 18| Winter Kickoff
  • Thursday, February 25 | Outdoorama
  • Monday, March 22 | Conservation Day
  • Monday, April 19 | Outdoor Business Tours
  • Monday, May 3 | HA Scholars Banquet

Outdoor Adventures

Hunting & Angling Scholars will select one Outdoor Adventure to attend each semester and will be sent details directly. These offerings are subject to change, and additional adventures may become available.

Fall 2020

  • Salmon Fishing
  • Upland Bird Hunting
  • Duck Hunting
  • Whitetail Bow Hunting

Winter 2021

  • Ice Fishing
  • Snowshoe Hare Hunting
  • Turkey Hunting
  • River Trout Fishing

Hunting and Angling Scholars Advisory Council

  • Jason Brown | Co-founder of Rusted Rooster Media and BeAlive
  • Kirk Cabanilla | Alaska Commercial Fisherman/Athletic Trainer
  • Jeremy Payne | Lieutenant of the Department of Natural Resources
  • Jeff Poet | President and CEO of Jay’s Sporting Goods
  • Erik Spindler | Executive Administrator of the Morey Foundation
  • Scott Govitz | Associate VP of Workforce and Economic Development
  • Amy Lince | Executive Assistant to the President and Board of Trustees
  • Scott Mertes | VP of Community Outreach and Advancement
  • JJ Mertz | HA Scholars Director and Full-Time Math Faculty
  • Tom Olver | Associate VP of the Mid Foundation
  • Chris Pellerito | Mid Admissions Representative
  • Jeff Percha | Full-Time Science/Biology Faculty
  • Richard Smith | Associate Dean of Off-Campus Instruction
  • Shawn Troy | Dean of Workforce and Career Education
  • Eric Wittig | Mid Mentor
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