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Academic Deans and Areas of Responsibility

Dean of Liberal Arts: Scott Mertes, Ph.D.

Scott Mertes, Ph.D.
Dean of Liberal Arts
(989) 386-6622 ext. 230

Anthropology (ANT) Music (MUS)
Education (EDU) Native American Languages (NAL)
English (ENG) Philosophy (PHL)
English as Second Language (ESL) Political Science (POL)
French (FRN) Psychology (PSY)
German (GER) Religion (REL)
History (HIS) Sociology (SOC)
Humanities (HUM) Spanish (SPN)
Japanese (JPN) Speech (SPE)
Journalism (JOR) Social Sciences (SSC)
Mid Courses (MID) Theater (TAI)

Dean of Math & Science: Peter Velguth, Ph.D.

Peter Velguth, Ph.D.
Dean of Math & Science
(989) 317-4629
Biology (BIO) Math (MAT)
Chemistry (CHM) Physics (PHY)
Environmental Science (ENV) Physical Science (PSC)
Geology (GEL) Science (SCI)

Dean of Health Sciences: Maggie Magoon, Ph.D.

Maggie Magoon, Ph.D.
Dean of Health Sciences
(989) 386-6645
Allied Health (ALH)
[Director - Jan Noteboom]
Physical Education (PED)
Health Education (HED) Pharmacy (PHT)
[Director - Ashley Couturier]
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
[same as RAD]
Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA)
[Director - Amanda Wismer] [Coordinator - Crystal Parker]
Nursing (NUR)
[Director - Barb W]
Radiography (RAD)
[Director - LouAnn Goodwin]

Dean of Occupational Studies: Shawn Troy

Shawn Troy,
Dean of Occupational Studies
(989) 386-6658
Accounting (ACC) Early Childhood Education (ECE)
[Coordinator - Julie Ehle]
Automotive (AMS) Economics (ECO)
Graphic Design (ART) Entrepreneurial (ENT)
Business Information Systems (BIS) Heating, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning (HRA)
Business (BUS) Industrial Technology (IND)
Computer Information Systems (CIS) Plastics (PLT)
Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement (CJS)
[Coordinator - Barney Ledford]
Welding (WLD)
Drafting (DRF)

Academic Administration and Support Staff


Michael Jankoviak, Ph.D.

VP of Academic Services

Rick Smith, Ed.D.

Associate Dean of Academic Outreach
(989) 386-6631
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Lacey Anderson

Administrative Assistant for Academic Services
(989) 386-6603


Sarah Hamilton

Admin Assist to Academic Deans
(989) 773-6622, Ext. 133


Nivia McDonald

Administrative Specialist to the Academic Deans
(989) 773-6622 Ext. 181


Sarah Gariglio

Administrative Specialist to the Academic Deans (Health Sciences)
(989) 386-6667

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