Behavioral Intervention Team

Student Conduct

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See Something...Sense Something...Say Something!

The purpose of the Mid Michigan Community College Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) is to provide preventative measures throughout the college community to reduce the risk of student Incident (student is defined as any persons having been issued an MMCC student identification number). The BIT will provide a means to report and/or to identify and monitor student wellness concerns or behaviors that may be troubling and to engage students sooner, rather than later. Early engagement assures these students can receive needed referrals or other appropriate assistance and treatment, and the details about behavior concerns noted on campus can be comprehensively tracked.

The team will:

A. Develop, maintain and review formal protocol in writing and practice for the work of the team.

B. Develop a culture of reporting on campus, communicating our core message frequently with students and employees.

C. Gather information about students of concern.

D. Assess the information about each wellness or behavioral concerns reported to determine the level of risk and the most effective manner/response for that particular student and situation.

E. Evaluate, recommend or implement appropriate intervention strategies as needed.

F. Monitor ongoing behaviors of students who have displayed concerning and/or disruptive behaviors to gauge whether any additional follow-up is needed, whether the response was effective, and what lessons may be learned for future case response.

G. Use an online management software, Maxient, to track all concerns reported.

H. Connect students of concern to internal and/or external services as appropriate.

I. Remain connected to the MMCC Student Oversight Committee.

Behavioral Intervention Team Handbook