The First Fifty Years: a Foundation for the Future

Mid Michigan Community College is truly a wonderful success story. Chartered in 1965, after a dedicated group of local community members determined that there was support for a community college, MMCC has been serving the mid-Michigan area with technical programs, career preparation, and transfer programs ever since.

In its first fifty years, the college has touched countless lives and made an indelible mark on the community. Please join us as we celebrate Mid Michigan Community College’s 50th anniversary throughout 2015. Visit this site often for updates, special events, and to share your story or read the life-changing stories shared by others.

A recent resolution by theThe Mid Michigan Community College Board of Trustees of 2015 recognizes and expresses its gratitude for the dedicated efforts of the members of the Study Committee who had the leadership & vision to create a college and educational opportunity for our communities.

Click to view the signed board resolution thanking the original study committee. (PDF)

Happy Anniversary!